25 febbraio 2016

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Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack.

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Meh synth Schlitz, tempor duis single-origin coffee ea next level ethnic fingerstache fanny pack nostrud. Photo booth anim 8-bit hella, PBR 3 wolf moon beard Helvetica. Salvia esse nihil, flexitarian Truffaut synth.

Exercitation photo booth stumptown tote bag Banksy, elit small batch freegan sed. Craft beer elit seitan exercitation, photo booth et 8-bit kale chips proident chillwave deep v laborum.

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  20. I know Powell!! I feel so brilliant! I think both men knew they were going and emmitt was almost relieved. I can only imagine how badly they all hurt. I think Shawn will probably win and is the most talented, but I’d like to see Melissa win since she never has before. I love Kelly and Val. I’d be happy with any winner. I’m happy it’s the women. They have been the most interesting.

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  22. No need to be nervous – you have a GREAT space and you are really organized too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that card display pole and I am going to steal your idea for storing patterned paper…a great idea! I see a lot of love for crafting in your space… it’s awesome!

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  38. I did love your post!! So very much! It was wonderful and I subscribed to your blog immediately! I bow down to you as a secondary English teacher, too. I lasted all of one year as one of those and that’s all I could take. You are brave and wonderful. That’s the hardest gig I ever had. Bless you and your kind.Of course take my little “poem” (as you so kindly call it.) I call it a “list.” heh.

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  40. Congrats for a wonderful win, Angie! Pumpkin spelt doughnuts and baked ones..I am sold to the name itself..these look amazing..rich color and beautiful texture.

  41. Hi Camilla!I've been posting about this somehow new trend: collections! i've put a picture of yours in one of this posts of mine, hope it's ok ! 🙂 This new ones are so very inspiring, as always ! Have a nice weekend!

  42. Cher Stumm,Pardonnez-moi de vous poser une question qui vous apparaîtra certainement dérisoire après celles de Panthère 1 et Panthère 2 auxquelles vous allez consacrer efforts et temps de réponses, si précieux : je sais ce que vous pensez d’Onfray, BHL, Proust, Rousseau, Voltaire, Hume, Hobes, Kant, Nietsche, Musil, etc, etc …Mais, Domenech, vous en pensez quoi, vous ?

  43. Ahhh yeah I got it! Now I got the hang of it Had to go back and read through some posts, that one chick was rude but after I read her post I actually got it, lol. Thanks all!

  44. I love this look on you, Karen! It feels like a modern Cleopatra! Very exotic and seductive..I died a little when I saw all the photos. I’d totally grab this set just to be able to recreate the look you did. Gorgeous! Carmela recently posted …

  45. RE: SEX-ED lessons – as my Caucasian colleague used to say “Hi- larious”She’s easy on the eyes – and when I turn my computer just so I swear I can see a little bit more down there.TGIF TSS!

  46. As another aspiring teacher, I am always really careful about what I post online and how it might present me to future employers or even my future students parents if they choose to search me online. I always think “Would I be ok with my mom/grandparents/teachers/kids I babysit for seeing this?” I feel like when it comes to do anything online that could effect your future it is always better to be safe than sorry.


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  51. Every thing in the pantry of the Bunker was name brand Dharma….except the "Apollo" candy bars….The Greek god Apollo gave us the sayings "Know thyself" and the call to moderation in all things, the Golden Mean, that reminds us to do "nothing in excess". Nothing in excess on the island?????? NNnaaaaa!!!!

  52. what a cutie pie! …though, the older i get, the more i wonder whether babies all are beginning to look a little like nikita khruschev to me… (note to self: time for your annual eye checkup.)

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  57. I love you for posting this. I have always thought about adopting a horse from a rescue organization should I ever have a yard big enough to accomodate one. You are perfect for bringing attention to this. I solemnly swear that someday I will take a rescue horse home. 🙂

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  62. Happy Anniversary you two!The first song I heard in the car this morning at 7:30 (8:30 for you) was I Will Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crown. Coincidence? I don’t think so, as that is exactly what you are doing! Praying and believing…. xoxox

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  71. ROTF, i want Bill to die as well.. AB needs to Kill Bill & so does CH at the end of the novles.. book 13 should be Bill’s death just as DAG was planed on being..   1 likes

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  826. haa’ahh fikir mcm ustajah bn tp hati busuk mcm bangkai najis?? mcm ni ke gaya org nak